About Spire

Today Spire is a growing, financially strong natural gas company with five gas utilities, serving 1.7 million homes and businesses across Alabama, Mississippi and Missouri, making us one of the largest publicly traded natural gas company. Our gas-related businesses include Spire Marketing and Spire Midstream. We are committed to transforming our business through:

  • Growing organically
  • Investing in infrastructure
  • Advancing through innovation
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Growing organically

We are focused on driving organic growth through a strategic program to increase the number of homes and businesses we serve, improving and expanding the reach of our service. We have a strong focus on new business development and a high level of engagement on economic development initiatives. We are driving higher margins through customer growth and supportive regulatory outcomes.


Investing in infrastructure

We have a robust capital expenditures program totaling $7.2B for FY24-FY33, focused on a 15+ year pipeline upgrade program for our gas utilities, and investments in new business.

Our utility spending is driving 7-8% rate base growth and is approximately 80% recovered with minimal lag or reflected in earnings.

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Innovation & Technology

Advancing through innovation

We are building on our legacy of continually improving service, efficiency and cost. Our formalized approach to innovation is a structured one with defined processes. We are leveraging technology to drive innovation, improved service and overall stronger performance.

We are completing a multi-year project to upgrade and standardize our enterprise IT platform, while investing in new workload planning systems, advanced meter technology and our customer connection platform, My Account.

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Spire is a compelling investment

Attractive investment characteristics

  • Pie Chart
    90%+ regulated business mix
  • $7.2B

    Robust 10-year CAPEX plan
    7-8% annual rate base growth
  • Bargraph
    5-7% long-term EPS growth
  • 21

    Growing dividend for 21 consecutive years

  • ESG
    Strong ESG performance; commitment to carbon neutral by midcentury


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